How to pick an engagement ring... e. scott style.

How to pick an engagement ring... e. scott style.


New Year got you thinking about popping that big question? Well, I have seen my fair share of engagement rings going in and out of the shop and one things that they all have in common? FUN! We (meaning Mom) love's creating rings that really match the personalities of the couples who buy them. ( And I love to party with them when they come in for design meetings.)

It's a daunting task, we know. Forever seems like a loooooong time, but we truly believe if you start the journey off right, with love and thoughtfulness, it's guaranteed to be a success!

So now, what to pick? Here are some thoughts from my observations from my bed(s).

Not all ladies want the same thing when it comes to a wedding, so why should they all be expected to want the same engagement ring? While we love a traditional, classic, sparkly, white diamond ring we specialize in rings that truly reflect the unique character of the woman who wears it.

Not into diamonds? No problem! We love an alternative gemstone as the focus for your ring. There are SO many options, such as a peachy blush Tourmaline, a bright blue Sapphire, or pale green Emerald. The world is full of colorful beauty, so why not use it!

Halo engagement ringmodern engagement ringClassic Engagement ring

Love diamonds, but hate the diamond industry and its ethics? Go for an antique, old mine cut diamond… it’s already out in the world, so it doesn’t promote any new mining. Each stone is also completely unique, as it was cut by hand usually before 1930. Each diamond’s beauty can’t even be compared to the modern cut stones (in my humble opinion). It’s all about that disco ball sparkle that an old mine cut brings! 90% of the diamond rings we make use these ethical & sustainable beauties.

Woven SolitaireBubble Engagement RingThe point engagement ring

Maybe you’re all about design? We love a ring that you know is an engagement ring, but maybe isn’t what other people would expect.

Asymmetric engagement ringWave Engagement RingSwirl Wedding Set

Don’t forget in all the craziness of getting engaged and wedding planning, it’s all about you and your partner (and your dog, if you have one. They're very important!) Your choices should be things that you love and make the two (three) of you happy. When others see your happiness, it will be contagious! ( I know about these kinds of things... my happiness seems to be pretty contagious around the shop!)

Did you know that with each engagement ring we make you'll receive and e. scott's inner circle box? Just another perk of shopping with us! (I'm the main perk, obvi.)

Have more questions? Let us know. We'd love to help with your perfect proposal. 

See you soon!




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