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Caring for your new e. scott originals

Now that you have your new shiny piece of jewelry, how do you take care of it?!

Gemstone or Diamond Jewelry

A little dish soap, hot water and an old toothbrush will make that stone sparkle again! Always cover the drain and check stones for wiggling after you clean. If they wiggle, let us know and we'll tighten things right up! 

***Exceptions- Pearls and Druzy's should never be scrubbed with anything and definitely no chemicals! If you need to clean the metal, avoid the stone.


Polishing cloths works great to bring a shine back to your silver jewelry. If there's no patina, a silver cleaning dip works well too... just make sure you read the instructions carefully, as they vary.

Basic Ring Care

All jewelry, while durable is still breakable, so be nice to it! Take your rings off when doing anything that you think might harm them or get them super dirty (i.e. gardening, lifting weights, kneading dough, cleaning with chemicals, etc...). What to do with your ring when you take it off? Put it on our Ring Keeper Necklace! That's why we make them. 

*Any other questions always feel free to contact us. We will always polish up, tighten up or take a look at our pieces, free of charge, just let us know when you're coming by! shop@escottoriginals.com *


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