It's not all work here at e. scott originals- Halloween Edition

It's not all work here at e. scott originals- Halloween Edition

So....It's that time of year again where I amuse all our e. scott originals customers  and neighborhood passersby with my love, charm and KILLER COSTUMES! While some of the photos make it look like I hate being dressed up, honestly, I kind of like it! Some say that it's cruel to dress up your furry friend, but it's really not that bad! People give me extra treats, I make them smile and they party with me more. What's not to love! 

This year, as my ode to the hospitality industry, I will be a beautiful pineapple. (My Grandma thought I was a daffodil...)

Here's a look back on some classics...

One year we decided to go with a mystical creature... the dragon!

Another year we went with the classic scary... Dracula!

I'm not gonna lie, this was not my favorite... Not a fan of hats, but mom loves the turtle costume, so I sucked it up.

Last year, dad really came through and picked out my pig costume. Many people say I snort like a pig, so it seemed fitting.

So, if you're on the Highland Hot Block in Somerville on the big day (Halloween Day) I'll be in in my window bed, or my shop bed, or in a sunshine spot, or on the chair napping in my finest pineapple attire, so come on by and give me a treat!

Happy Halloween!

xoxo Mayble


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