Workin' hard!

Workin' hard!

Holy Moly have we been busy here at the shop these last few weeks, where to even begin! 

We had a VERY important visitor to the shop on July 19th... Danielle and Matt of Gem Gossip! I made sure to greet them with extra enthusiasm and give them a detailed tour of my beds and toys, I mean the store and workshop... We had the best time showing off the jewels and how we make them. I really think I won them over ( I definitely won Matt over, he was pretty into me) because she wrote the nicest things about us. See her article here.

Gem Gossip 

THEN on July 20, Mom went to show off our jewels at "The Big Fake Wedding" event in Salem. It was actually a fake wedding! We got to provide all the jewels for the fake Bride, Groom and Bridal party as well as tell people about how WE MAKE RINGS! (you wouldn't believe how many people are surprised that we make things... bananas).
big fake wedding

While Mom was there, I took a much needed day off... but still had to keep an eye on our pool... my guard dog duties are never done!


While all of this was going on, we also have been up to my bat ears with custom projects! Mom has made 6 engagement rings and 4 sets of wedding rings in just the last 2 weeks! ( Her bench is super messy, but my toys are everywhere, so I guess we're even). 


Nora has been super busy keeping up with the store inventory as well as helping Mom get it together for the Metal & Smith show in a few weeks... ( thank goodness I get some days off while they're at that one!)

Ok, for now it's back to work. 

xo Mayble

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