a tour of the e. scott shop!

a tour of the e. scott shop!

Today I, Mayble, will take a short break from my security post to give you a quick tour of the e. scott brick and mortar shop!  It's both a storefront and a studio space.  Emily creates everything, by hand, in house.  Here is the workbench where most of the magic happens: 

Look at all of those tools!  Emily is setting some sapphires and diamonds for a custom piece so I probably shouldn't try and distract her... Coffee from our neighbors 7ate9Bakery is usually on the bench keeping her energized! 

Maybe I can go see what Nora's up to!  

Fire!!  She's at the soldering station melting some gold for our surfside collection.  I definitely shouldn't be asking for treats while she has a torch in her hand.  *sigh*

On our way back to the front of the shop let's check out the wax carving bench!  If Emily can't build a piece of jewelry out metal she will carve a design into wax and then have that wax cast into any metal she wants. Here are a few of her favorite carving tools:


And finally, here is the shop!  This is where I keep my dog toys and 2 of my 3 dog beds.  We also sell jewelry.  

Ok, time to get back on guard dog duty.  Hope you come in and visit and check out our wonderful jewels!  We have some great ready-to-wear engagement rings that I wish came in my size..


xo Mayble

 (transcribed by Nora)

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