I got a promotion!

I got a promotion!

So after 7 years here at the Somerville, MA e. scott originals jewelry shop, I finally got a promotion! While I'll always be the one and only shop dog, guardian of the jewels, and muse for the Mayble Labels collection I now am author to my very own blog, Tales from a Shop Dog! (which you are currently reading). I'm honored to be given this responsibility, that I will take very seriously (in between naps, sunbathing and snacks).

So, first order of business is letting the world know who we are here at the shop!


Most importantly, there's me. Mayble the Boston Terrier. As I mentioned, I have the hardest job- shop security. It's not easy, but someones got to greet the people, lick the small children, show off the tricks for treats, party with the men & kids waiting for their wives/moms and all around keep the shop safe. 

Then there's mom, the E in e. scott (but she's now Emily Surette- but only in life, not in business- we got me an official Dad in September! He's the greatest! But I digress...) She started the business in her our tiny apartment in 2007, working in our spare room until we decided it would be much better to have a place for the public to see me! Or I guess a better place to show off the jewels and have a workspace... That's when we opened the shop at 199b Highland Ave, Somerville in 2010 and since then Mom has been making all the jewelry, both custom and ready to wear and business has been growing every year!

In 2015 we added Auntie Nora (aka Nora Miller of Nora Miller Jewelry ). She's our Inventory Queen! She keeps mom in line and laughing while helping us keep the store stocked with jewels. 

e. scott originals as a brand has two sections really, the e. scott nuptials & the everyday wear. We love creating jewelry to be worn daily and loved forever. Maybe that's an engagement ring and wedding bands from our nuptials collection or maybe a gift from our many everyday lines, we want you to know our jewelry is created with love, by our hands, inspected by me (yet another one of my many jobs) and meant to be part of your everyday uniform. 

The shop has evolved a lot in the last 7 years ( I now have 3 dog beds- one in the window, one in the shade and one in the workshop) and we are all so excited to see how things continue to evolve.

We're right in the middle of wedding season now, so the shop has been full of love and fun lately- so great for me! (more snacks!)

I'll be posting all kinds of things that I find interesting on here, so check back in to see what we're up to here on the Highland Hot Block!

We hope to see you soon!

xo Mayble

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