Mayble's Tips for Jewelry Care

Mayble's Tips for Jewelry Care

I love it when people grab new shiny treats from our shop, so today I want to give you all some tips on keeping those treats (or as you call them, jewelry) just like new!

Dish Soap, Toothbrush & Warm Water

No, I'm not getting ready for the dentist!  I'm getting ready to clean some stones!!  Just let your jewelry soak in warm soapy water then use a soft bristled toothbrush to really get into those nooks and crannies.  It will make your diamonds, sapphires, and other faceted stones sparkle! Perfect for our engagement rings!  Just be sure to do this over a strainer and check for any loose stones, Emily would be happy to tighten them up for you.  

Jewelry Cleaner

Feel free to use store bought jewelry cleaner for general freshening up of your jewels.  Do not use jewelry cleaner if your piece has a patina or is oxidized as part of the design (it will remove it!).  Make sure you read directions on the container!  I dip the bright chains from the Sunspot Necklaces a few times to bring back the shine.

Polishing Cloths

I love polishing cloths for brightening up metal that has become tarnished.  It's a simple way to clean specific areas of jewelry that you might not want to dip in chemicals, like your druzy cuffs.  I can do it with my three toes, so just imagine how easy it is for all of you with thumbs!!

Scotch Brite

If you want to clean your metal but keep a nice matte finish on it, just grab some scotch brite!  It's a little itchy on my delicate paws, but it gets the job done.  This is what Emily and Nora use on our zodiac collection to clean the high parts but leave the perfect patina in the details. Be careful when using the scotch brite on jewelry with stones, it could scratch them, so keep it to the metal!

A few last tips:  

DO NOT submerge pearls or druzies in any type of chemical.  When in doubt, clean around a stone that you are unsure about.  

If you plan on working out, gardening, kneading dough for dog biscuits (yes please, then deliver to 199b Highland Ave!), etc. please take off your rings!  But you are afraid of losing them? No worries, we've got you covered with our ring keepers!  Keep your paws safe too by taking rings off to dry your hands & under your ring when they get wet.  Moisture can cause irritation.

If at anytime you want to visit me, or get your e. scott originals jewels cleaned by us, come on by the shop and we'll do it up. All we charge is a smile and some treats/love for me. 

Be kind to your jeweled treats!

Yours forever,

Mayble (& Nora)

*Disclaimer- These are tips and tricks that we find helpful, but some may work for you some may not. If you have any hesitation, just come on by!*

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