We've come a long way and so has the Highland Hot Block!

We've come a long way and so has the Highland Hot Block!

Guys, we've been BUSY here at the shop and I'm exhausted! It's been 7 years since mom and I opened the shop and we've been hustling every day. We've come a long way though, if I do say so myself. Just look at these before and afters! 

highland hot block      e. scott originals

I mean even my beds have gotten an upgrade! (I told you I was tired...)


But, we are now the old ladies on the block! All of our neighbors have come in over the past years, so we thought it was about time to introduce our neighbors here on the Highland Hot Block in Somerville. 

First to come along a few years after us was M.F. Dulock Pasture Raised Meats 


mf dulock


I stand and drool outside their door everyday, and it's the worst/the best when their customers come in with big bags of meat! Sometimes they even bring me the dog treats the butcher's make. I love my neighbors!

Next to come along was The Workshop Salon.

       workshop salon     workshop salon

Uncle Tarley opened her hair salon and we instantly became besties. She even bought me my winter coat (pictures to come in a winter blog post, promise) and lets me nap in the sun spots from time to time. The other stylists in there also love me (obvi) and they shower me with love and partying daily, even though they're always super busy. I love my neighbors!

Then along came 7ate9 Bakery

7ate9 bakery      7ate9 bakery  

7ate9 Bakery

Did you know they make Boston's Best Cheesecake?! Well, that doesn't matter much to me, but they have TREATS! Auntie Sarah makes me do tricks for them, so I do... I know my role. But she gives me so many snacks and so much love, it's ok. Mom is also well caffeinated thanks to their Almond Milk Lattes, so that makes everyone happy. I love my neighbors!

The newest member of the Hot Block is KMID interior design offices.



Their offices are by far the prettiest (sorry mom and everyone else, but it's what they do!) Earl, their shop dog, isn't a big fan of me...but the ladies smile and love me when they pop in the shop. I love my neighbors!

So next time you're coming to shower me with love, stop on in and say Heeeeyyyyy to our amazing neighbors. Tell them you're a friend of Mayble's!

Now off for a sunshine nap.


xo Mayble



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